Step 4. Your Design Package arrives to your Inbox

By this stage you have chosen your Style Package (Step 1), Sent through Your Details (Step 2) and Purchased your Style Package (Step 3).  Now it is time for your customised Design Package to arrive.  In this package you receive everything you need to style your room. This package includes the following items:

Floor Plan

The floor plan shows you just how everything fits into your room and where each item is positioned.  As you can see, every item has a number and every item is in the floor plan. This gives you the confidence that everything has its place and comes together perfectly.

C:UsersJessicaDropboxDesign-A-Room CentralClients15001 Yat

3D View

This gives you a simple glimpse of how it’s all going to look.

C:UsersJessicaDropboxDesign-A-Room CentralClients15001 Yat 

 Shopping List

This lists all the items we’ve selected for your room. We’ll outline the cost and technical information so you know everything about each product, which you can see in the examples below.

ShoppingListExample01ShoppingListExample03 ShoppingListExample04

Now that you have received your Room Design Package, you have a complete picture of how your room will look.