Pricing Information

At Design-A-Room we aim to find you the perfect balance between quality and affordability.


Interior Design Fees

Our fees are kept to an absolute minimum. If you were to engage an interior designer directly you would be likely to pay more than $175 per hour for their services. The design and delivery of a room could cost thousands of dollars in fees alone.

Here at Design-A-Room, we’ve worked out a way to bring you a customized package for your home at a fraction of the cost. We call this a Design Package including a list of all the items you need to purchase and a plan to show you where to put everything.

Prices (including GST)

Lounge/Living Room        $250

Dining Room                     $200

Entry                                  $150

Furniture Costs

Whenever we can, we source our furniture from industry suppliers meaning we can cut out the cost of the retail middleman. This allows our costs to come in below recommended retail prices.

Our furniture items are at the middle-of-the-range price point. Not too pricey but also not the cheapest.  We want each piece to wear well and last for years.

If you pay a bit more for your furniture, the quality goes up considerably. We choose products with good level finishes and fabrication as we aim to provide you with furnishings you can be proud of.

Remember, once you have received your room design, you don’t have to buy every item. You can pick and choose which pieces will suit your budget.

Every package is different and so it’s impossible to give you a fixed price.

Generally larger rooms require larger furniture items and pieces, so the larger your room, the higher the price. Leather sofas and chairs are also at the higher end of the scale.

We generally find a good combination of the high priced and low priced items for each package. This way the cost of overall room package balances out.

The following indicative pricing can help with your budgeting. The cost of most items sits about halfway between the highest and lowest prices shown.

Modular Seating             $1450 – $4600

3 Seater Sofa                 $1500 – $4500

2 Seater Sofa                 $1350 – $2850

Occasional Chair            $640 – $1650

Coffee Table                   $430 – $1690

Side Table                      $265 – $465

Entertainment unit       $1100 – $2200

Dining Table                  $765 – $3200

Dining Chairs               $175 – $520

Sideboard                   $1380 – $2800

Console                        $590 – $1050


Artwork Costs

All of our artwork selections are toward the affordable end of the art market. Usually the smaller the artwork, the less it costs. Prints generally cost less than paintings.

We make our selections based on each room we design, and what is required to complete the look.

An indication of artwork costs:

Prints                     $140 – $700

Paintings               $200 – $850


Accessories Costs

With accessories (eg vases, decorative items), we aim to provide you with some well-priced pieces that can help you create a great look for home without breaking the budget.



Delivery Costs

Delivery costs vary depending on where you live. Capital cities have more affordable freight options. With regional and remote areas, delivery costs can be significant. If you live in a regional or remote area, please contact us to discuss delivery costs further.

In most cases, the overall Interiors Package including delivery is considerably less expensive than paying retail prices.

We provide a basic delivery service to keep your prices down as much as possible.  Generally, the items are not flat-packed and require little to no assembly on arrival.

Usually an interior design service would require overseeing of your products arriving. Again, to keep costs to a minimum we have excluded this aspect of the service.



Example of Design Package Costing

For example, a Living Room  may comprise of the following items:

Item                                    Design-A-Room Price                  Recommended Retail Price

3 Seater Sofa                      $2300                                           $3165

1 Occasional chairs            $620                                              $790

Coffee Table                       $1450                                            $1795

Side Table                           $350                                             $440

Floor Rug                            $1680                                           $1850

Lamp                                   $250                                             $300

Artwork                                $350                                             $550

Cushions                             $330                                             $360

Accessories                         $450                                            $520

Total                                   $7780                                           $9850

Saving of $2040


This comes to  $7780 for the purchase of all interior design items. There are ways of bringing your costs lower if you need to. For example, you may already have an occasional chair, or you may choose not to buy the artwork.

Delivery costs for a full package like this to Perth would be approximately $1600 + GST. This will vary depending on the suppliers we select from and the size of each item. As a rule of thumb the more items that are selected the better value you will be receiving for overall delivery costings. These prices are also significantly cheaper in Sydney and Melbourne. Also the more remotely you are located, the higher the delivery expenses.