Why should I choose Design-A-Room to decorate my home?

The experienced staff at Design-A-Room have more than 20 years in the interior design and architectural fields. This brings a wealth of knowledge to your project, and an understanding of what makes interiors really work. We have developed a strong knowledge of interior products, and a relationship with good Australian suppliers. With all this behind us, we can help you realize your dream home without any of the hassle or uncertainty.

How does the Design-A-Room process work?

The Design-A-Room website guides you through a step-by-step process of furnishing rooms in your home. You start by selecting one of the Design-A-Room styles that best suits you. Then you proceed by telling us about yourself and the room you’d like to furnish via an online questionnaire. Once this is completed, it’s time to purchase a Design Package. On purchase of the package, our Design Team creates a beautiful customized interior for you. We carefully select pieces to suit your needs, giving you a design that you know will work beautifully with the proportions of your room. When we email you the Design Package, you can see the stunning selections we have made for you, creating that overall room with an Interior Design Edge. From here, you can go on to purchase all or some of the items we have selected for you, where we arrange for purchase and delivery from our dependable suppliers. For further details on our 6 step process visit our How It Works page, or send us an inquiry via our contacts page.

What is a Style Package?

A Style Package is a collection of Interior Products from the Design-A-Room product library, coordinated to create a particular style. With more than 1000 items in our product library at any one time, we are constantly updating and evolving to ensure we are keeping up with the current trends and client needs.

What is a Design Package?

A Design Package consists of all the information we have collated to deliver the Interior Design of your chosen room within your selected style. It includes a comprehensive Shopping List of all the items we have chosen, highlighting the design detail, technical information and the price of each product, so you can be sure you are choosing an item you are happy with. The package also includes a floor plan of your room showing how everything fits in proportionately.

What is an Interiors Package?

An Interiors Package includes the items you select and order after reviewing the Shopping List we send you in the Design Package. This may include all or only some of the items we have chosen for you. Once you have ordered and paid for the items, we will arrange for the items to be delivered directly from the supplier to your door.

What price can I expect to pay for a Design Package?

Click here to look at our Pricing Information page.

Is Design-A-Room available to anyone?

Design-A-Room is available to anyone in Australia who has a street address for delivery. In the case of some remote and regional areas, freight costs may become prohibitive but you are more than welcome to contact us where we can discuss any possible options.

Can Design-A-Room help me with window furnishings and paint colours?

Currently we are only dealing with ‘off-the-shelf’ items, as we are offering a furnishing service rather than a full interior design service. However, this is a service we may introduce to Design-A-Room in the future as window finishing’s require careful measurement and customization; colours and interior finishes selection would possibly lead to potential visits. This is due to being able to see the colour palettes within the light of your home and to evaluate any other factors. Keep up to date with this space for this potential future service.

Can I use my existing furniture with Design-A-Room?

Design-A-Room offers a complete furnishing design for your selected space with items from our vast product library. This allows us to be certain that all items coordinate well. However, once you have received your Design Package, you may choose to substitute some of the selected pieces for items you already own.

Do I have to buy all the selected items at once?

There is some flexibility when dealing with this area. All products we select are available when we create your Design Package however not all companies can hold this product until a deposit is paid. Delivery costs are kept to a minimum if all items are ordered together. Nonetheless you can order as many or as few items as you please, as your account will stay open with us for 12 months. We would encourage you to place your order within 2 weeks of receiving your Design Package, as some products are available for restricted time frames. Thus the sooner you order, the more likely the product is to be available. With some suppliers, there is an option to order the product and they can store it for a period of time. This option can be discussed with us when approaching the purchasing stage.

Can I order furniture from Design-A-Room without purchasing a Room Design Package?

Design-A-Room is an interior design service rather than a retail service. Therefore, a Design Package needs to be purchased in order to arrange the discount prices. Should you request some extra items of furniture after purchasing your Design Package, we will do our best to accommodate this.

How do I best communicate with Design-A-Room?

Design-A-Room is an online service and we are best reached by email. Should you have any queries that you’d like to discuss, please drop us a line and we will be in touch. You can find our details on our Contacts page.

Products and Quality

Can I physically see the products before I purchase them?

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. A lot of the products we specify are from industry suppliers and they don’t have showrooms open to the public. The advantage of going straight to the supplier is we can reduce the product cost for you significantly. Another bonus, is you have the opportunity to furnish your home with items that are not available to the general public, giving your home a great point of difference.

How do I know what quality I’m getting?

We know it is always difficult to tell the quality of products when shopping online, which is why you will have to put your trust in us for this one. We have only included products from reputable suppliers, with the aim to balance cost versus quality and ensure we are providing the best quality we can for the lowest price. There are many products available that we will not include in our library due to their low quality and other features that do not meet our strict standards. To help you understand more about the product you are purchasing we always include technical information with each product that we specify. This allows you to understand the construction and materials of each furniture item prior to purchasing.

Where does Design-A-Room source their products?

Design-a-room has selected their furniture and interior products from dependable suppliers throughout Australia. These suppliers have ongoing relationships with on-shore and off-shore manufacturers. We have included products of a quality that we are happy with, and that fit in with the Design-A-Room design aesthetic.

How do I care for my products?

We will forward you all available information on the pieces you have selected from the supplier regarding the care for these products.

Warranties and Returns

What is the warranty on the furniture?

We pass on the warranty that each supplier provides. We have a number of reputable suppliers based in Australia whom we trust to have fair and reasonable warranties. As a guide, most furniture has a 1-year warranty. Some items, like selected floor rugs have a 10-year warranty. If you would like to warrant the furniture for longer, we may be able to arrange this with the suppliers. Please email us about this prior to Purchasing your Design Package.

What happens if one of the products is faulty?

Please check all items immediately upon delivery for any faults. If your product is faulty, please notify us within 3 days. We will arrange to resolve the issue as soon as we can. Any faults will be assessed on an individual basis to determine the outcome. A replacement or credit may be required. In cases of minor faults, some of our suppliers reserve the right to rectify these faults at their own cost without replacement. Many items made from natural materials have inconsistencies. These are not considered to be faults. If you consider any of your items to have inconsistencies beyond what is considered part of the natural character of the product, or if the product looks significantly different to how it is represented in your Interiors Package, please contact us and we will assess it.

What happens if I don’t like/want one of the items purchased?

If you are unhappy with one of your purchases, or have changed your mind, you may return it for a full refund, however the original and return delivery costs will need to be paid for. Please contact us within 7 days and we will arrange the return. Goods must be returned in their original condition otherwise they will not be accepted. A cost may be incurred if goods are not returned in their original packaging. Refunds will be made when we have received the item in good condition.

Payment and Security

What is the payment method?

We use PayPal to provide banking security and can readily make payments with your credit card. PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Who do I make payments to?

Full payment needs to be made to Design-A-Room to secure your order. Our account details will be sent to you at the time of purchase.

Does your pricing include GST?

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST.


We will email you an invoice you when you purchase your Design Package. Another invoice will be emailed to you when you make payment for the items selected from your Shopping List.

Are my details private and secure?

Your details are used only as required to complete the Design-A-Room process. We forward your contact details to delivery companies and suppliers as required in order to procure your products. We do not pass any details on to other parties unrelated to Design-A-Room. Furthermore, we do not have access to your credit card details as this is processed through the security of PayPal.


How much does delivery cost?

Delivery Costs vary greatly depending on where you live and the amount of product you order. Once you have picked your items to purchase we will finalize the delivery costs with you. If many items are ordered, the cost will come down as they are not delivered individually. Click here to look at our Pricing Information page.

Where can you deliver to?

We can generally deliver to all street addresses across Australia. We cannot deliver furniture items to PO Boxes. For some regional and remote areas, cost of freight becomes prohibitive. Contact Us if you live in a regional or remote area and we can discuss the options with you prior to purchasing your Design Package.

How long does it take for my Interiors Package to arrive?

Every company has different lead times. Some companies can arrange for delivery within the week, and some can take 3 months. The most likely time frame for furniture items is 4 weeks depending on where you live. Smaller items can often be delivered within the week. We work with the suppliers’ regular freight time frames as much as we can to keep your costs as low as possible. If you require items to arrive more quickly, we can look at express options however this is not always possible and creates higher costs. Tick the box in our Step 2 questionnaire if you would like us to follow up on faster delivery options. We aim to specify items that are in constant supply in Australia to limit long lead times.

How does delivery work?

Once payment has been made for items purchased, we make arrangements for delivery. We aim for the soonest and most convenient possible delivery time. This is a door-to-door delivery meaning deliveries will go to the ground floor level of your home. If you require items to be carried upstairs or access for large items is difficult, it is important that you let us know. This way we can arrange a delivery company that can cater for this. On the day of delivery, we recommend exchanging contact details directly with the delivery company to ensure the smoothest process, which we can facilitate for you. They will be able to update you with more accurate delivery times. We do everything we can to get the larger furniture pieces delivered to you on one day, but because there are usually a number of suppliers for each package this is not always possible. You will be updated of delivery dates if and when they change. The delivery cannot be made unless there is somebody at the selected address to sign for the delivery. Saturday delivery can be arranged but this may incur extra cost. If there is nobody available to receive the delivery, items will be returned to the nearest depot. New delivery will need to be arranged and this is likely to incur an additional cost depending on the supplier’s terms. If you are not home during working hours, we suggest providing a work address (in Step 2) so that smaller items may be delivered and signed for. Our standard is to provide a basic delivery service to ensure costs are kept as low as possible. Unpacking the goods and removal of packaging is not included in the cost. Please let us know if you would like to upgrade to a Premium Installation Service and we will see if it is available in your area.

Will any of my furniture require assembling?

There may be some basic assembly required for some furniture pieces. This is usually as simple as screwing on the legs. Yet for larger pieces of furniture we recommend you arrange for 2 people to be available to help manoeuvre the piece.

How do I check for faults and quality assurance?

Items will be checked by suppliers for quality prior to delivery. However, on occasion goods may have been damaged during delivery or a fault may have been overlooked. If there are any faults with any item that has been delivered, photograph the fault immediately and email it through to us. Refer to our FAQs on Warranties and Returns.

How do I know when my deliveries will arrive?

Once you have made your final selection of items you wish to purchase we will email you an invoice, delivery costs and time frames. We will provide updates on delivery times as we receive them from suppliers and freight companies. Please contact Design-A-Room if items are not delivered on the specified day, and we will resolve any issues.

How do I prepare for my delivery?

It is important to prepare in advance for delivery. Make sure you’ve cleared space for the delivery company to put everything. Our standard delivery option does not include removal of boxes and packaging. You may need to arrange removal of this as it can take up a lot of space.

Can my items be delivered to a PO Box?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for large items be delivered to a PO Box. Some smaller items may be deliverable to a post office. If you will not be home during work hours, please provide in your delivery details a secondary/work address on purchase of your Style Package.

Is local pickup an option instead of delivery?

We can’t facilitate a pick up option as we don’t have a central depot in any capital city. Goods are delivered directly from the supplier to your door.

What happens when my furniture items arrive?

With our standard delivery service, the items are delivered to your selected ground floor room. If you’re room is located upstairs and you have selected heavy items of furniture, you will require a premium delivery service or you may need to arrange for the help of others. Some furniture requires some basic assembly. We recommend you arrange for 2 people to be available when your larger furniture items arrive.

How do I install my pendant light?

If your interiors package includes a pendant light, this should be installed by a qualified electrician.


I’m having technical difficulties what should I do?

Contact us by clicking on the Contact Page on our website.